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Leaf Vacuuming begins Monday, Oct. 15th!

Please rake leaves to the area between the sidewalk and the street/curb for leaf-vacuuming service by the Village Department of Public Works crew. 
The leaf vacuum removes leaves, then chops and compacts them into a self-contained trailer. The chopped, compacted leaves are then towed away for composting.

Please find the following helpful tips in preparing for leaf pick up at your property:

  • SAFETY FIRST: Please keep children away from the leaf piles in the green belt area (the area between the sidewalk and street/curb).  
    Do not allow small pets to run free during leaf pickup.  The leaf vacuum is very powerful and, to avoid any potential injury, it is important to keep children and pets away from the leaf piles.
leaf-collection-Acceptable Placement
  • The Leaf Vacuum is used throughout the Village at different times. Please do not park in front of piles of leaves out for pick-up. The Leaf Vacuum cannot get to piles that are behind parked vehicles. 
  • Please DO rake leaves into neat rows parallel to the edge of the curb/street in the green belt area,  leaving plenty of room at street corners. It is necessary to leave room for cornering for the equipment.
  • Please DO NOT rake leaves into the street.
  • LEAVES ONLY – To make sure the equipment stays running, please do not rake anything other than leaves into the green belt.  If items other than leaves are placed, service will not be provided until the items are removed.
  • Please do not rake leaves around utility poles, mailboxes, street signs, or other permanent fixtures that would inhibit the 9"-diameter hose of getting to the leaf piles.
  • The leaf vacuum machine will operate every day until the leaves are gone, or snow arrives,  whichever comes first. Only during severe weather or emergencies will operations be suspended.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time of seasonal maintenance and beautification of the Village of Fowlerville.