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Mosquito Control & Spraying

Seasonal Mosquito Control
The Village of Fowlerville contracts a Mosquito Control Service (APM Mosquito Control) that specializes in full-service Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPM) designed to control nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes while protecting the environment. Research is done early on, before Spring, to quantitatively and qualitatively collect data on specific mosquitoes in our area. This data is used to better control and balance procedures that are environmentally compatible to reduce pest and disease-vector mosquito populations. Mosquito control starts typically after the first thaw and ends about the time of the first frost, however, fluctuations in temperatures do impact mosquito populations at the beginning and end of 'mosquito season.' For complete information, including how to contact for additional spraying for your property, please click on the link above or call 877-276-4714. The team that services the Village of Fowlerville area will have questions regarding what homeowners are experiencing and their need for additional spray as part of the data research protocol. The Village of Fowlerville encourages property owners to call APM Mosquito Control directly for their mosquito-spraying needs.