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Brush Pick-Up Season Begins!

Brush Collection: 
Brush and branches (NO lumber materials) are scheduled for pick-up on the SECOND TUESDAY of the monthApril 13th through November 9, 2021.
The brush must be stacked in the same direction, parallel to the curb, and no more than 5' from the roadside. Branches should be no longer than 4 feet and between 1 and 6 inches in diameter. 
[Twigs and smaller branches need to be bagged and put out in the brown yard/compost bags for regularly scheduled pick-up on Mondays.] Please note: this service is not for tree removal debris. 
Please have brush out by the residence curb by 7:00 AM, no sooner than three (3) days prior to the scheduled pick-up date.
The brush should not be piled on or around fire hydrants or over utilities, such as curb stops/meter pits or AT&T junction boxes. If existing mailboxes, utility poles, or infrastructure pose as an obstacle to placing brush safely out for pick-up service, please contact the Village of Fowlerville Offices to make an alternative site for pick-up or other accommodations. Thank you for your efforts and cooperation.
Informational purpose: brush is properly stacked in one direction parallel to the street within 5' of the curb