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Curbside Leaf Vacuuming Extended to 12/5

With the early snowfall last month, many residents were not able to get leaves out to the residential curbs (between the sidewalk and the roadway) for the seasonal Leaf Vacuuming provided by the Department of Public Works. Many leaf piles already out for collection were not picked up due to the snow. 
The ever-changing Michigan weather in our area has provided a window of opportunity: the Leaf Vacuuming service has been extended until Thursday, December 5th. 

Leaves should not be piled on or around fire hydrants or over utilities, such as curb stops/meter pits or AT&T junction boxes. If existing mailboxes, utility poles, or infrastructure pose as an obstacle to placing leaves safely out for collection, please contact the Village of Fowlerville Offices. 
This service will not return after December 5th, until Fall 2020. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your efforts and cooperation.

Proper Leaf Placement for Vaccuuming