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Sanitary Sewer Cleaning starts 9-6-2018

The Village of Fowlerville Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Notice

 The Village of Fowlerville will begin to clean sanitary sewer mains for the next three weeks beginning September 6, 2018.  Cleaning will start at the North East Quadrant consisting of Pinewood Drive, Devonshire, North Benjamin, North Maple, North Hibbard and North Collins Streets. Please watch for the big blue truck in your area.

These sanitary sewer lines are cleaned using high-performance sewer cleaning equipment. A cleaning nozzle is propelled from one manhole to the next using water under high pressure. The nozzle is then pulled back to the starting manhole. As the nozzle is pulled back, water scours the inside of the sanitary sewer pipe. Any debris in the pipe is pulled back with the water. The debris is removed from the manhole with a vacuum unit. This process is repeated on every sewer line cleaned.

During cleaning of sanitary sewer lines, air occasionally vents into a home through the sanitary sewer service line and ventilation system. When this happens, water in the toilet bowl can bubble or surge, and in rare instances, splash out of the bowl. We remind you that the water that could come from this type of incident is from the bowl itself. Therefore, it would be beneficial to make sure to keep the lid of your toilet bowl down to minimize the water splashing from your toilet. The common causes of air venting into homes during sanitary sewer cleaning are: air movement from normal cleaning operations, the use of higher pressure needed when cleaning sanitary sewer lines that have a steep slope, sewer lines running close to the building, a plugged roof vent, and the size and complexity of the home’s ventilation system. To minimize water splashing out of your toilet bowl, it is recommended to keep the lid down and put towels between the lid, seat, and bowl.  If you experience a smell, it may be from the traps being dry, let the water run for a few minutes and the smell should disappear.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Village of Fowlerville Office at 517-223-3771