Water Department

Water Department

The following rates are for the current fiscal year. 
Water and Sewer Rates:
Effective July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017
Residential Sewer Flat Rate: $108.74 per quarter 
Residential Water Flat Rate: $58.87 per quarter
Metered Sewer Rate: $8.91 per 1000 gallons with a minimum charge of $117.15 per quarter
Metered Water Rate: $4.92 per 1000 gallons with a minimum charge of $80.64 per quarter
Sewer Improvement charge (SI): $7.00 per user
Water Improvement charge (WI): $18.00 per user
Compost Pick-Up charge (CP): $10.00 

Flat Rate Estimated Quarterly Charge: $202.61
Metered Rate Estimated Quarterly Charge: $232.79

Utility Billing
Utility Bills are mailed quarterly to all Village Water/Sewer customers. Mailings are typically received in the months of March, June, September and December. Payments are due the following month. Please refer to your Utility Bill Postcard for exact dates. Not receiving a bill does not waive late charges if paid after the due date. Please note that the Water/Sewer bill is a regular expected utility bill. Payments can be made online, in person, by mail or submitted in the drop-box located in the municipal parking lot (at the entrance, drivers can drive up to the box with no need of getting out of their vehicles). Payments made online are processed and the activity reflects in your account history. Payments must be received by the due date. The Village does not accept postmarked envelopes as 'on-time.' Please be advised that payments made through your online financial institution use a third party to process checks requested through their online payment system. In such situations, your money is deducted from your bank account and sent to a third party processor, not directly to the designated payee. Bills paid through your online banking system may take up to 15 business days to be received by the payee. The Village of Fowlerville must receive your payment by the due date. 
You do not need to receive a bill to pay towards to your utility bill. Any payments made will show as a credit on your account until the billing cycle has been processed and mailed. 
For the most up-to-date activity on your account call the Village of Fowlerville Municipal Offices or check your account history online. Village Water/Sewer customers may view their utility bill and complete account online using the following link: Utility Billing through BS&A Customers do not need to sign up for an account. Simply use your account number, name or address to pull up your Water/Sewer Utility Account. 

 Wellhead Protection Program Information
The Water Quality Report describing the source and quality of your drinking water is available at the links below. To receive a paper copy in the mail, contact us at 517-223-3771, extension 10. 

2015 Water Quality Report
2014 Water Quality Report
2013 Water Quality Report
2012 Water Quality Report
2011 Water Quality Report
2010 Water Quality Report
2009 Water Quality Report