Fire Department

Fire Department

The Fowlerville Area Fire Department (FAFD) is located in Livingston County in southeast Michigan.  

The department is located on the western side of the county and provides services to approximately 108 square miles, protecting a population of approximately 12,775 persons, including the townships of Handy, Conway, and Iosco, as well as the Village of Fowlerville. 

Fowlerville Area Fire Department
John Wright, Fire Chief
132 Mill Street
Fowlerville, MI 48836


 Rules for Burning Permits 
In the Fowlerville Area Fire District

  1.       Permits may be applied for on the FAFD website or are available by telephone at 517-223-7588
 click here to apply online through the Fowlerville Area Fire Department website  

  • Name and spelling of last name 
  • Address 
  • Township 
  • Telephone Number 
  • What is to be burned/Type of fire 
  • Dates burning is to be done  

Be sure to provide all information requested, or the permit will not be valid.  

             2.      Permits are good only for the dates issued. Permits can be obtained for up to four
                      (4) days from the request date. Those persons desiring a permit beyond the four day limit
                      should call back. 

3.      No fire shall be set at a time when a high wind is blowing.

4.      Although a person has a permit to burn, he/she is still responsible for keeping the fire under
         control, and is responsible for any damage to property which may result from burning done
         under his/her control. 

5.       Any permit issued may be revoked if conditions are such that burning may
          not be done safely.

6.      Burning permits are issued for burning during daylight hours only.

If any burning is to take place after dark, arrangements must be made in advance by calling the department direct phone number at 517-223-8561

7.       An adequate fire line shall be made around the area to be burned, and a sufficient
         amount of people to control the fire shall be on hand at the time of burning. 

8.      The Fowlerville Area Fire Department, acting as an authorized agent of the Department of
          Natural Resources is limited to issuing burning permits only for the following:

A.       Grass, Leaves, and Brush. 

B.      The burning of refuse in approved incinerators. 

C.      Campfires and fires used for outdoor cooking and other outdoor recreational
          purposes.  Recreational fires must be kept small in size.

9.     The following types of open burning are specifically not allowed:

              A.      The open burning of building demolition or excess construction material
                        is not allowed. 

              B.       The open burning of automobiles or parts is not allowed. 

              C.       The open burning of furniture is not allowed. 

              D.      The open burning of refuse from multiple dwellings is not allowed.

              E.       The open burning of refuse at commercial and industrial sites is allowed.

              F.       The open burning of flammable, toxic, or explosive materials is not allowed.

              G.      Only campfires/recreational fires are allowed within the Fowlerville Village limits.
                        Any other type of open burning is not allowed.

              H.      Persons wishing to burn off large parcels more than two acres must call the
                        Department of Natural Resources Brighton Field Office at 810-229-5762 to obtain a


 1.       The campfire/recreational fire shall not be more that 3 ft. in diameter, not more than 2 ft. high

          2.       The campfire/recreational fire must be in a pit or container

          3.       All campfires/recreational fires must have a permit. 

 WARNING: In the event the fire department is called either by yourself or another person and you are burning without a permit, or burning unauthorized materials, you WILL be billed for the cost of the fire run.