Administrative Staff
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Title Name Extension
Village Manager Kathryn Arledge
Village Clerk Kathryn Arledge 14
Village Treasurer Michelle Lamb 15
Village Accountant John McCurdy 13
Administrative Assistant Nadia Freeman 10
Accounting Assistant Jamie Hartman 18
Village Assessor Amy Pashby 517-223-3228

Village Manager
Position Summary:
Acts as the chief administrative officer appointed by and receiving policy direction from the Village Council. Plans, develops and implements diverse Village services to meet policy requirements and address community needs. Oversees the organization and direction of all Village departments and personnel, and ensures compliance with contractual and regulatory obligations. 

Village Clerk
Position Summary:
Under the supervision of the Village Manager, serves as official custodian of the Village seal and all Village records, documents, and ordinances. Administers oaths of office, and performs other tasks as directed. 

Village Treasurer
Position Summary:
Under the general supervision of the Village Manager, coordinates and directs the operations of a combined treasury and finance operation. Performs many of the tasks necessary for general ledger maintenance and is responsible for the receipt, accounting and deposit of monies owed to the Village. Also functions as office manager and information technology coordinator.